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Meet The Agent

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Hello, My name is Tracy Mance, your neighborhood Real Estate Agent!

Learning about your prospective real estate agent could save you time, and effort.

Hi! And thank you in advance for taking the time to read this post. One thing I have always known, first impressions are lasting ones. So even before you get to meet me in person or chat with me on the phone, let me introduce myself!

I was born and raised in Guilderland, New York. I'm a graduate of Guilderland High School and consider my generation the last of the "old school" era. I was raised with no cellphones, no internet, rode my bike without a helmet, and spent any hour I could hanging around a horse stable. I pretty much always smelled like horses. I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to ride, show, groom and care for horses most of my younger years and am proud to say - those days are a huge part of who I have become today. As a riding student, you learn the importance of doing something when someone told you to, learn how to listen and comprehend while galloping around a course, and learn how to partner with a creature that has no verbal speaking capabilities. I worked hard, I was committed and I never gave up.

Once I graduated high school, I had an awkward period of not knowing what I wanted to do or who I wanted to be. I tried various colleges and majors before I decided on becoming a teacher. I found Biology a very interesting subject and finally hit the books. After graduating from the College of St. Rose, I doubted myself yet again - maybe teaching really wasn't the right path after all. My parents owned a gasoline retail store and I worked for a while as the store assistant manager. I rode and trained horses professionally and instructed riding lessons at Dutch Manor Stables. I also had interest in Criminal Justice and finally decided that I wanted to be a law enforcement officer. Talk about a left turn! And a hard left at that.

In July 2000, after a year and half of prepping, taking Civil Service tests and interviewing, I was hired by the Albany County Sheriff's Office and entered the Zone 5 Law Enforcement Training Academy. After 21 1/2 years of service, I retired in January 2022 with the rank of First Sergeant. It was a rewarding career that had its challenges, ups and downs, good and bad. I took pride in my natural ability to communicate with all demographics of people; the key was respect. It never mattered to me if they rented a one bedroom apartment or owned a fancy house on the hill, drove a Mercedes or a rusted old truck. While some incidents may have been similar, none of them were ever the same. But when people are in need, they look for those who are calm, consistent and knowledgable.

21 years is a long time and most of it seems like yesterday. I'm proud of my law enforcement career. Proud of my accomplishments. Proud of who I am. I love a challenge, I have a knack of making castles out of a pile of stones, and I have the patience to see goals through to the end.

Today In Real Estate

So what do you get when you roll confidence, independence, the natural gift of relaxed communication, honesty, respect, strong work ethic, perseverance and the desire to help people? A kick-ass real estate agent!

During the COVID Pandemic, there was plenty of idle time even though I was an essential employee temporarily assigned to the Albany County Emergency Management Unit. I knew I wanted to retire but with the uncertainty of so many previous opportunities, I decided to use my couch-time wisely and I enrolled in an on-line real estate salesperson course. I have always had an interest in real estate, have bought and sold several homes, and for years have watched the market trends. This was the perfect time for me to dive in and try something new.

And oh, how I dove in. I got my license in January, went active pursuing clients in March, and by May of 2021, I completed my first transaction. I had set a goal for myself, and a very reasonable one; Three - I wanted to complete three sales by December. Well, not only did I meet that goal, I crushed it! 19 transactions in nine months, totaling almost $3.5M in sales. This was impressive for a couple of reasons; I was a brand new agent in a very competitive sales market and I was still working full-time in my law enforcement career.

2022 started off still in a very competitive market. Challenges to find homes and submit strong offers can wear on a person, but I haven't faltered. I keep my spirits up and my positive energy flows to my clients. By the end of July 2022, I have already surpassed my 2021 sales.

All of this was accomplished as a solo sales agent. I haven't teamed with anyone, haven't asked for leads, haven't asked for any client handouts from agents. There has been a lot of trial and error trying to stay with the learning curve and most importantly, hours and hours of hard work. What do I contribute my success to? Not pressuring a client, listening to their wants and needs in a home, and being there for the whole process and assisting them to the end. I don't turn my clients over to an administrative aide to finish the deal. It's just me!

It's a Wrap!

I'm very thankful to my broker Steve Sbardella and his wife Christine for accepting me as a new agent to work in their office and for the agents who have made me feel at home. I'm also thankful and appreciative to all my clients, not only for trusting me to be their agent, but also for their referrals. I am really enjoying this new venture.

If you are reading this and have any questions, even if your not currently in the market for a home, please don't hesitate to contact me. I always have time to chat!

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